As the in-house consultancy service for the RWE Group, we offer a wide range of specific expertise in one package. We are RWE insiders who also have in-depth knowledge in various sectors of energy management. We take the valuable Group knowledge acquired by the Business Units and apply it to other contexts and developments. Through many years of experience, we have built an essential knowledge resource inside the Group that we can draw on for a variety of applications and this continues to grow. It is not surprising that we are the leading experts in the energy market.



There is one goal that we pursue consistently: to provide the best possible consultancy service for the RWE Group and its partner companies on the crucial questions that the energy market involves, whether these be strategic issues or economic ones. Our credo is not to make empty statements – we always think ahead and then take the necessary action. This is how we define our own standards for ourselves as one of the largest in-house management consultancy services in Germany.

Our field of activity is energy – in all of its facets. Consulting projects and issues are spread throughout the entire value-added chain in the energy industry. Our expertise in the management of energy is the basis for our consulting activities in the RWE Group.

With over 140 people working in our locations in Essen, Berlin, Frankfurt, London/Swindon, Den Bosch, Prague and Dubai, we continue to enhance the progress of the Group and further its development on an international level.


The expectations that we have for our own work methods are clearly defined: a deep thematic understanding of the RWE Group and the industry are our most significant distinguishing features. The combination of management consulting and our situation as an integrated part of the corporate structure of RWE makes RWE Consulting unique – consulting with energy. This is clearly illustrated by our numerous projects in Germany and other countries. Our work always centres on close cooperation with our customers while maintaining a results-oriented approach.


Dr. Klaus Grellmann


9 November 1966 born in Hamburg
1986 Abitur (university entrance qualification) at „Gymnasium Heidberg“, Hamburg
1986 – 1988 Vocational training as bank clerk at „Hamburger Sparkasse“
1988 – 1993 Studies in economics at the university of Hamburg
1993 – 1996 Doctorate at „Institut für Ausländisches und Internationales Finanz- und Steuerwesen“, Hamburg, Prof. Dr. Krause-Junk; subject: Success and failure of tax shelter politics
1996 – 1998 Vereinigung Deutscher Elektrizitätswerke - VDEW e.V.
Referee for energy economical questions of principles
1998 – 2003 PricewaterhouseCoopers
Corporate Finance Consulting (Berlin) as well as Management Consulting Services (Houston) Senior Manager and authorised representative
2003 – 2006 RWE AG, Essen
Senior Manager Strategic Planning
since 1 January 2007 RWE Consulting GmbH, Essen
Managing Director




We don’t waste time talking – we focus on taking action. We concentrate on taking action in the fields that we really know – and only those. These fields fall into the categories of strategy consulting, specialist consulting in energy management and implementation consulting. We combine extensive experience with in-depth knowledge in the following fields:


In the field of strategy consulting, we represent the RWE Group against competition from external management consultancies. Using our analyses, we work with the customer to find the best strategy solution for the future. We make sure that our strategies are easy to implement as well as effective.
Specialist consulting in energy management
Our focus is on energy! We have always concentrated on energy production or generation, energy sales and marketing as well as energy services. As part of RWE, we are familiar with the entire value-added chain in the energy industry and we know the RWE Group from an insider’s perspective. A perfect combination!


After completing the strategy project, we assist the customer during the implementation stage and provide support with solutions for any operational challenges. For us, this represents a clear demonstration of our responsibility. We make use of our expertise in the industry and familiarity with the Group, which is what distinguishes us as an in-house consultancy service. The key issues within the RWE Group determine our consulting segments and are reflected in our areas of expertise.


  • Generation
  • Renewables
  • Exploration
  • Gas market
  • Trading
  • Grid, Regulation
  • Retail


  • Strategy development
  • Reorganisation/Cost reduction/Continuous Improvement
  • Post Merger Integration
  • Change Management
  • Efficiency improvements/Process optimisation
  • Internal Benchmarking
  • HR, Finance, Services


As a leading energy company RWE is also leading by example with regard to its social responsibilities. More and more volunteers from RWE are happily working for the good of others and are thus broadening their horizons. With the slogan “People make it possible” the RWE Companius team promotes volunteering activities by employees across the Group. Teams from RWE Consulting are also providing their expertise on economic and social issues in selected projects free of charge.

The “sport group for the disabled” initiative

A living example of corporate volunteering is the commitment of a team from RWE Consulting, which has assisted the sports club for the disabled “TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen” in developing a recruitment strategy.

The team identified, that although current members are extremely satisfied, the sports club has difficulties reaching out for new young people with disabilities, and thus fulfilling their vision to “give young people with disabilities a new perspective in life by means of sports”.

In addition to a recruitment strategy, the team launched different initiatives to support the club in addresssing people with disabilities in a structured and targeted manner in the following areas:

- Designing new emotional posters,flyers and information brochures for potential new members

- Creating communication brochures to set-up cooperations with local sports clubs

- Defining required optimisation areas on the website and contacting IT agencies for a potential cooperations

- Creating presentations for information sessions in local schools conducted by athletes

Commitment at Enactus

Enactus was founded in 1975 in the USA. The name is made up of the initials of the three most important principles of the organisation: “entrepreneurial”, “action” and “us”. “Entrepreneurial” represents the entrepreneurial spirit, “action” stands for active engagement for the benefit of disadvantaged people and “us” for common values. Since 2003, Enactus has also been active in Germany and is now represented at 41 universities. RWE Consulting is one of the main sponsors and actively involved in several social student projects.

RWE Consulting supports Enactus with what we do best: high quality consulting. Enactus teams receive individual attention from us; we offer, for example, project management training and act as mentors for each team and project. The Enactus students organise themselves in teams at their respective universities and start their own entrepreneurial projects to solve challenges in society, the economy and the environment.


aixperience Days in Aachen

aixsolution e.V. is offering interested people the opportunity to get to know consultancy companies more closely at its annual aixperienceDays. RWE Consulting will also be there, presenting a case study during the AixperienceDays. The subject of the case study will pertain to the transformation of the energy industry.


Enactus National Cup

The Enactus National Cup is the main event of the Enactus year where the entire network meets. The project presentations of the student teams is in the focus of the event. Business advisors and universities form juries and the students present the challenges they mastered to improve living standards of others.


Perspektive Unternehmensberatung event

At Perspektive Unternehmensberatung you will analyse case studies, conduct exciting one-to-one conversations, meet renowned inhouse and external consulting firms and expand your network further in a relaxed atmosphere at the bar. RWE is also participating in this exclusive event organised by e-fellows.net in Frankfurt.


“Frauen führen anders” event, Essen

Learn how women leaders can move effectively to and through the executive levels of their organizations, seeking practical guidance from successful leaders. The event is about female leadership and challenges at work. Get to know other successful women and grow your network.


squeaker.net University dinner, Darmstadt event

On 8 July you’ll have the opportunity to meet our consultants in Darmstadt at the squeaker.net University dinner. The event connects leading companies with ambitious students who are interested in going into consulting. The event takes place in an informal setting – a perfect atmosphere for networking.


Case Study, Cologne University

In the Case Study Course at the University of Cologne, you’ll get the chance to solve business case studies, creativity cases and cases from official competitions. These cases deal with different types of management problems and require great combined efforts. With RWE Consulting you’ll dive into issues related to the transformation of the energy industry.



For energy leaders, there is no such thing as a typical consulting project. No two projects are alike and each project has its own specific challenges. However, there are designated project fields that we continue to work on with our customers. These are just as diverse as the issues faced by the RWE Group itself and cover virtually all of the facets of the classical management consulting or strategy consulting. These range from process optimisation, change and restructuring to internal benchmarking and strategy development or lean management.


Everyone is talking about agile project management: different methods, mainly based on flexibility and adaptability. In a project by Westnetz, the RWE Group's distribution system operator, agile project management has been used successfully

What was the task in hand? For the field engineers, who carry out technical work on the distribution network, a holistic concept for an innovative IT system (hardware and software) was to be developed. Together with the customers, a project team from RWE Consulting developed a suitable solution using the "TEAMSPRINT" method, where the teams work with tablets and apps that can be adapted quickly. A team was formed, made up of colleagues from different departments and with different skill sets. This team developed the solution as part of TEAMSPRINTs, which means according to tightly structured processes, during the course of several workshops.The team decided independently how to prioritise the tasks. It was important to find plenty of time for joint workshops, to work according to a structured process and to stick to short work cycles. "During each TEAMSPRINT results will be achieved", was one of the project team's principles.

And those results were communicated quickly in order to receive prompt feedback. Here, close coordination with the "veto group" was required – complex steering groups were not needed; instead the authorised members of the veto group were entitled to adapt the results at regular intervals after they were communicated. Jürgen Fuisting, RWE Consulting Partner, is very happy with the new methodology: "It really helped that we had a cross-disciplinary team who were able to focus on this task. We used an 80/20 approach and developed meaningful solutions quickly." And at the end of the TEAMSPRINT it was important to reflect on the performance. The project team analysed the development process as well as their collaboration during the previous sprint and then introduced improvements to their way of working for the next TEAMSPRINT on that basis.


The European Union has stipulated that all member countries implement smart metering in order to improve transparency and increase energy efficiency in the long term. Unlike existing mechanical meters, smart meters are electronic devices. The data collected is passed on to the electricity customers via an interface. This means that customers can see how much electricity they consume by looking at their daily or weekly statistics. The aim of this transparency is for customers to be able to get a feeling for how much they can save by switching off certain devices, for example.

As an internal management consultancy for the RWE Group, RWE Consulting functions as an interface in the Smart Meter rollout project. The consultants will sit down with subject matter experts within the Group in order to answer key questions, develop approaches and discuss strategic directions with management.

We will be analysing how the project and the new business can be integrated into the existing organisation. We will also be looking at what it will mean for the organisation, staff competencies, processes, data protection and security, as well as how it will change corporate culture.

RWE Consulting has also been tasked with the project management. The consultants will keep a close watch on the schedule to ensure that the Smart Meters will be able to be rolled out across the country as planned. They will be responsible for pilot projects and training design, and will identify new staffing needs and the relevant competencies required. The consultants will assist with efficient approaches and the selection of suitable partners, identify the needs in terms of meters and scope the functionality requirements.



Considering the difficult circumstances which the Group is now facing, RWE is providing leaders and staff with a means to successfully manage the large and complex transformation that is taking place within the Group. To do so, we are linking the question of “what we need to do” with the question of “how we need to do it”. A team of consultants from RWE Consulting is already tackling this task and leading the way in the area of change!

“The principles of  permanent improvement as well as change need to be become a part of our Group’s DNA. However, change is not something that can be smoothly regulated. Therefore, it needs to be introduced through the top management and also role modelled by them. This is why our efforts focus so specifically on the development of executive managers and providing support to the teams. We would like to take a different approach and find a different solution for our challenges – to create sustainable changes that are immediately tangible and observable,” says RWE Consulting programme manager Andrea Kahlenberg to describe the objectives of the programme.

A concrete example of change is the development of the RWE corporate story, which consultants at RWE Consulting on the Change team worked on, amongst others. This process involved new methods: online chats (Synthetron sessions) were used for concentrated discussions with over 300 executive managers regarding the advantages and disadvantages of possible future visions. Every Group company was directly involved – after all, the big picture needed to be broken down for each company eventually.

With the support of RWE Consulting, the RWE Group has started out on this long journey of change. These far-reaching behaviour changes take time, but they are the basis for the transformation of RWE’s role in the energy industry.



“The objective of the customer transformation programme is to put the focus on the customer. We would like to orient our entire organisation towards this goal. Anyone is welcome to join me on this journey. It is the only way that we can remain competitive.” This is the clear goal that was set out by the CEO of the UK sales company nPower, Paul Massara, at the beginning of 2013.

RWE Consulting has accompanied nPower on this journey and worked together with nPower to implement measures aimed at improving customer orientation while achieving significant cost reductions at the same time. The “Customer Transformation Journey” programme included over 300 improvement measures. The work package “End-to-end Processes” was just one of the three that consultants from RWE Consulting put together to assist nPower. This work package consisted of six main processes (“customer journeys”) that were analysed from start to finish in order to simplify and improve them.

Each process was considered from the viewpoint of the customer. The processes were deliberately given titles that reflected the customer’s perspective: “I move, I pay,
I enquire, I join, I leave, and my terms change.”

The work package “Leadership & Direction” deals with processes of change amongst the management. Are the performance indicators in the company compatible? Is the existing structure of meetings practical? Is the communication from management clear enough? The third component of the programme aims at “Operational Excellence“, the implementation of a completely new working method on an operational level. In this part of the programme, there are great opportunities for demonstrating how each employee can contribute in terms of value. Moreover, it highlights how each employee can reaffirm his or her commitment to the goal every day:
by putting the focus on the customer.



For the RWE Group, an increasingly important task for the future is the creation of small, flexible business units, known as speedboats, which can develop new, innovative products within the context of the transformation of the energy industry. But what kind of support processes should be in place for these small business units? To answer this very question, RWE Consulting has developed a prototype for this purpose as one of its projects. As a small unit within the Group, RWE Consulting is responsible for looking into outsourcing in specific areas and implementing it, with the objective of gathering experience to apply to this approach. The project team began by focussing on the redefinition of internal service processes. Next, these processes were advertised. As a result, it was decided that we should cooperate with an external service provider from now on. The service provider will take over the processes in finance, purchasing and HR for RWE Consulting and future speedboats. The processes have been deliberately streamlined. The project team has therefore achieved much more than simple process optimisations. Using a greenfield approach, the team did not just analyse the existing organisational structure, but considered the ideal format for the structure. Basically, they scrutinised all of the components that constitute a process. And then reduced them to what was needed.

Get to know
our people

At RWE Consulting we are convinced that our employees are the most valuable asset of our business. As one team, we act with integrity, we are performance-driven, respect each other, embrace diversity and act responsibly within our projects.

Deepti, Managing Consultant

René, Partner

Benedikt, Senior Consultant

Bettina, Communication Specialist

Philipp, Senior Consultant

Katharina, Recruiting

Lukas, Consultant

Deborah, Project Assistant

Meike, Senior Consultant

Martin, Senior Consultant

Christian, Managing Consultant

Benedikt, Junior Consultant

Oliver, Managing Consultant

Anthony, Senior Consultant

Niklas, Consultant

Martin, Senior Consultant

Alena, Project Assistant

Meike, Senior Consultant

Deborah, Project Assistant

Philipp, Senior Consultant

Bettina, Communication Specialist

Niklas, Consultant

Anthony, Senior Consultant

Oliver, Managing Consultant

Benedikt, Junior Consultant

Alena, Project Assistant

Martin, Senior Consultant

Christian, Managing Consultant

Martin, Senior Consultant


We invite you to explore our career pages to learn more about what a career at RWE Consulting can mean for you.

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Our office in Dubai offers clients exceptional and unique consulting services to the Middle East region. The team brings proven experience and strategic vision backed by regional understanding and partnering to deliver tangible results and sustainable innovation to the Middle East’s energy industry.

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Our offices in London and Swindon develop strategic issues for RWE npower. RWE npower is a major UK energy company which serves around 5.4 million residential and business customers with electricity, gas and energy services.

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The main responsibility of our Czech partners at the RWE Consulting office in Prague is to assist RWE customers in central and eastern Europe in the regions managed by RWE East. The employees at RWE East are in charge of finances and investment management, strategy and the coordination of sales and distribution in central and south-eastern Europe and Turkey.

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Our affiliates in the Netherlands support us in the Den Bosch office by managing the RWE company, Essent. Essent is the largest energy company in the Netherlands. Essent provides private and business customers with gas, electricity and energy services.

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An international outlook defines our daily business. Together with RWE, we are on the path towards internationalisation. Since our establishment in 1981, our business has extended beyond borders.