Andrew Baines, MEng Chemical Engineering

My relationship with RWE started while I was studying. During my time at university I did work placements to gather experience in engineering, but none of them were within the energy industry or with RWE. It was only when I entered the “npower Energy Challenge” as part of a team of 4 students that I started to really consider RWE – it felt like an interesting and evolving place to work, in an industry facing many (BIG) challenges which nobody seemed to actually have any realistic answers to! I led the team to win the competition, and that’s when my journey with RWE really began. I started on the UK graduate engineer training programme a year later which was a fantastic introduction to the company and was flexible enough to allow me to build my own base in the company and work out which direction I wanted to go in. I then worked as an operations engineer on shift at Aberthaw Power Station, an experience I wouldn’t change for anything, before moving to Germany to work in the CoE Safety where I am now.

The role I am currently in was a huge change from my last one; whilst my last role in operations was challenging and practical, this role enables me to also develop my technical skills as a chemical engineer – the challenge being to bring both these worlds together to form practical solutions in complex situations. I’ve also had the challenge of moving country, learning the new language, and navigating my way through the differences in culture which has been challenging.

RWE is a really broad organization. We operate in many different countries on many different operations, which makes it, in my view, a great place to nurture a career. I find learning about other cultures, and how we integrate with each other exciting and motivating, and am really fortunate to have found a way – I believe by demonstrating an ability and willingness to learn and naturally fit into new teams – of making big jumps across the organization and thereby acquiring a broad understanding of how the different business areas work, most importantly how to effectively work between them. I’m very much looking forward to continuing this learning!

I have been working with RWE for almost 5 years now, and couldn’t imagine a better, more supportive start anywhere else, and I’m looking forward to giving the same welcome and support to the next generation of colleagues.