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Stock Exchange News:

  • RWE Common 31.43 EUR + 0.38 % (24/07/14 05:09 pm, XETRA)

  • DAX-Index 9.769,28 PKT + 0,16 % (24.07.2014 17:03, XETRA)

  • STOXX Europe 600 Utilities 780,90 PKT + 0,34 % (24.07.2014 17:03, STOXX)

  • RWE Preferred 24.84 EUR -0.32 % (24/07/14 05:06 pm, XETRA)

RWE is one of Europe’s five leading electricity and gas companies. Through our expertise in oil, gas and lignite production, in electricity generation from gas, coal, nuclear and renewables, and in energy trading as well as electricity and gas distribution and supply, we are active at all stages of the energy value chain. Around 66,000 employees supply over 16 million electricity customers and more than seven million gas customers with energy, both reliably and at fair prices. In fiscal 2013, we recorded approximately €54 billion in revenue.

Europe is our market: in terms of sales, we are No. 3 in electricity and No. 5 in gas. In Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, we are among the largest suppliers of both fuels. In the Czech Republic, we are No. 1 in the gas business. We also have leading positions in other markets in Central Eastern Europe.

The European energy sector is undergoing fundamental changes. Political intervention is making our business challenging. In addition, the subsidised expansion of renewables in Germany is causing the margins and utilisation of conventional power stations to decline. All of this is having a significant effect on our earnings. To succeed in this environment, we launched the ‘RWE 2015’ programme. It includes comprehensive measures to reduce costs and increase revenue. We are also adjusting our organisational structure to cope with the challenges. By decreasing investment and reducing debt, we want to improve our financial flexibility.

Despite difficult framework conditions, we want to play our part in the continued development of the European energy system, proving that we are trustworthy and high performing. Our strategy is to invest in renewable energy and a modern network infrastructure. In addition, we take advantage of opportunities in the market which arise due to new customer demands by offering a wide range of innovative energy products and services.

News & Ad hoc Announcements

30 June 2014

Resolution of the Annual General Meeting on appropriation of distributable profit

The Annual General Meeting held on 16 April 2014 resolved to distribute a dividend of € 1.00 per dividend-bearing no-par share, such dividends totalling €614,745,499.00, from the distributable profit for fiscal 2013 in the amount of €614,836,156.63.

26 June 2014

RWE continues to expand in Eastern Europe

RWE is expanding its supply activities in Eastern Europe. In this connection it is opening an office in Bucharest as a base from which it will direct supply activities on the Romanian electricity market in future.

20 June 2014

RWE continues to focus on core business

RWE continues to focus on its core business. After the agreement with German software company T-Systems on outsourcing workplace management last September, the Group has now sold RWE IT Slovakia to Vietnamese company FPT Software. The benefits are clear. Being part of a global software network offers the opportunity to provide IT services more efficiently. Standard software can now be programmed within FPT’s global network and differentiating IT solutions can be developed by IT experts with energy expertise based in Kosice, Slovakia.

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14 August 2014

Interim Report on the first half of 2014 with press conference call and investor and analyst conference call

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