Excellent theses stand out through know-how. And move companies forward.

If you want to link scientific theory with working practice, you have the opportunity to write your Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis at RWE. In principle, we are open to any topic related to our core competencies.

We'll put you in touch with experienced RWE teams that are familiar with the practical side of your subject and offer you support in many respects. Quite apart from that: With that comforting feeling of having a major corporation backing you up, writing that Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis will be a whole lot easier.

What do I have to do to write my thesis at RWE?

Only in very rare cases is the opportunity to write a final thesis, such as in the form of a thesis internship, explicitly posted. If you would like to write your final thesis at RWE, it is generally preferable to be proactive in approaching the corresponding department with a clearly formulated thesis topic and a desired timeframe for the work. You can find the best person to contact in our Contact Listing.