A good start towards career growth: The RWE Power trainee programme.

A programme in which the principle of job rotation will acquaint you with the core functions within RWE. Preferred majors for entry thereby are electrotechnology and mechanical engineering, business engineering and economics. Apart from readiness for change and stress-resistance, you should enjoy team and project work and have relevant practical experience gathered in work experience periods or jobs. International experience is not essential, but, depending on the area you will be working in, is desirable. The programme start is structured flexibly, selection takes place via individual interviews and you go through the programme within 15 months together with a pool of about 80 trainees.

What awaits you.

You spend the first 9 months in the area you ultimately aimed for. In the 2 to 3 months that follow, you then get acquainted with other key areas within RWE Power. As a rule, you and your manager or the department concerned plan your assignments. International assignments are not provided for in principle, but in individual cases may well be possible. Our supplementary programme, Young Power, opens up further opportunities for you to advance. In agreement with your manager you can, for example, make use of development programmes on a case-by-case basis.

What are the prospects then?

The trainee contract is for a fixed term, but the chances of being accepted for further employment are very high. In individual cases, there is a chance of permanent employment after only 9 months. One more reason to work at full power towards Power.


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