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Essen, 04 January 2017, RWE AG

New initiative for port of Duisburg: RWE and Duisport are pioneering use of LNG

First LNG shall replace diesel fuels in port vehicles - Partnership builds mobile fuel stations and develops future utilisation conceptmore

Essen, 16 December 2016, RWE Power

RWE welcomes rearrangement of responsibilities related to financing the German nuclear phase-out

RWE welcomes the decision of the German Parliament (“Bundestag”) and Senate (“Bundesrat”) regarding a new law rearranging the responsibilities for nuclear waste management in Germany.more

Cologne, 06 December 2016, RWE Power AG

German Federal Constitutional Court rules parts of 13th amendment to Nuclear Energy Act as unconstitutional

In its decision today, the German Federal Constitutional Court determined that the constitutional complaint filed by RWE Power AG against the 13th amendment to the German Nuclear Energy Act was partly justified and that the amendment was unconstitutional with regard to certain aspects of the legislation.more

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