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Essen, 22 February 2017, RWE AG

RWE achieves earnings goals for 2016 with substantial burdens on net income and provides dividend Outlook

RWE publishes pro-forma figures for 2016more

Essen, 14 February 2017, RWE AG

RWE exercises right to call hybrid bond on first call date

RWE exercises its right to call a subordinated hybrid bond that the Group issued in November 2011 on its first call date.more

Essen, 02 February 2017, RWE AG

RWE offers municipal utilities and industrial customers flexible platform for optimised online trading

Automated trade and dynamic IT systems, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week – this all comes courtesy of the redesigned and flexible online trading platform from RWE Supply & Trading GmbH.more

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14 March 2017

Annual Report on fiscal 2016

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