Mature technologies and new paths – it’s all in the mix

As a major utility determined to become a leader in renewable energies, we concentrate on technologies that have reached, or are about to reach, market maturity. Our portfolio comprises onshore and offshore wind farms as well as hydroelectric power stations. By focusing on mature technologies, we give priority to the security and safety of energy production in the renewables sector. At the same time, we are looking ahead and are advancing the development of new technologies. However, we do not limit ourselves to only engaging in applied research and development. We also have firm ambitions to build and operate plants with new technologies, such as wave and tidal stream or biogas plants, and provide companies in the foundation or growth phase with equity capital or similar financial resources for a limited period. We are, of course, especially strong in our home market in Germany, followed by the United Kingdom, Spain, Poland and the Netherlands.


RWE Innogy is investing in wind farms on land and on the high seas.



An energy evergreen in RWE Innogy´s renewables portfolio.


New Applications

Ideas of today – technologies of the future.