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RWE Power to build topping gas turbines for Hungarian Power Station

RWE Power will build two new topping gas turbines at the lignite fired power station Mátra near Visonta (Hungary). In cooperation with the consortium partner Energie Baden-Württemberg (EnBW) and the Hungarian minority partner MVM the company will invest about 65 million Euro. The official kick-off for the project took place today. The new turbines should operate from the end of 2006, latest from the beginning of 2007. They will increase the performance of the Mátra power station by roughly 10 percent.

power station Màtra
power station Màtra

“The new topping gas turbines will improve the efficiency of the power station and consequently reduce its CO2-emission,” said Matthias Hartung, Member of RWE Power’s Executive Board and Head of the Supervisory Board of the Mátra Kraftwerke AG. He further said, that at the same time flexibility and profitability of the 836 megawatt power station would increase. Mátra the biggest lignite fired power station in Hungary is already the countries most cost efficient power station fired by fossil fuel.

"The invest into Mátra is another step of RWE on the way to extending and modernising the complete value chain - from extraction via power generation to distribution.“, outlined Hartung. Additionally RWE is well positioned in all those segments in Hungary. That is why he is sure that Hungary will remain an attractive and prosperous business location for RWE in the long term.

RWE has been the majority partner at the Màtra Kraftwerk AG since 1996. Mátra produces round about 5.7 terrawatt hours per year, which is 14 percent of the overall Hungarian need of power. The connected lignite mining site secures Mátra enough fuel for many decades to come. As of today RWE already invested about 250 million Euro at Mátra, e.g. in a modern flue gas desulphurisation.

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: This pressinformation is more than two years old