Nijmegen/Frankfurt am Main, 04 October 2001, RWE Solutions AGThis pressinformation is more than two years old

RWE Solutions AG builds the largest phase shifters in the world

Transformer manufacturer Smit Transformatoren B.V. of Nijmegen in the Netherlands, a subsidiary of RWE Solutions AG, Frankfurt am Main, is to construct and install largest phase shifters in the world for the Dutch high-voltage network operator Tennet in Arnheim. The phase shifters, six in total, will determine the direction in which electricity flows as well asregulate the transfer of electricity between the Netherlands and Germany. The project is valued at Euro 23 million and is due to be completed by spring 2002.

The 550 ton phase shifter is similar in function to a transformer. However, the coils used by the phase shifter can be arranged to change the direction of the electricity accordingly while maintaining a constant voltage level. The direction in which the energy flows can therefore be reversed step by step. The six assemblies will be installed at Meeden near Groningen. They will have a total capacity of 2000 MVA at a voltage of 400 kV.

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: This pressinformation is more than two years old