RWE share indicators


RWE share indicators
Earnings per share1-9.29-0.282.77-4.492.13
Adjusted net income per share11.261.832.093.764.00
Cash flows from operating activities of continuing operations per share13.835.439.047.817.15
Dividend per common share--
Dividend per preferred share0.1320.
Dividend payment€ million5256156151,229
Dividend yield on common shares3%--
Dividend yield on preferred shares3%
Common share price  
End of fiscal year11.8211.7125.6526.6131.24
Preferred share price  
End of fiscal year8.728.9418.8923.2528.53
Number of shares outstanding (average)thousands614,745614,745614,745614,745614,480
Market capitalisation at the end of the year€ billion7.17.115.516.219.1
1 Based on the annual average number of shares outstanding.
2 Dividend proposal for RWE AG‘s 2016 fiscal year, subject to the passing of a resolution by the 27 April 2017 Annual General Meeting.
3 Ratio of the dividend per share to the share price at the end of the fiscal year.

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Tables from the Annual Report 2016 (XLS | 0.4 MB)