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The lignite-fired power station with optimised plant engineering (BoA 2&3) is the most modern of its kind in the world. The system in Grevenbroich-Neurath, consisting of two units, backs innovative power-plant engineering. Optimisation of all process steps in power generation ensures higher efficiency, lower emissions and greater flexibility.

The use of new high-quality steel types enables higher pressures and temperatures to be achieved, and the big blade wheels of the turbines are made from titanium for the first time. In this way, the efficiency in the power plant rises by more than 30% compared with the legacy systems that are being shut down in favour of BoA 2&3. The result: much more electricity is produced from each ton of coal. CO2 emissions are down 30%. That is all of six million tons per annum – with power generated unchanged. A real contribution to climate protection.

More flexibility thanks to smart technology: Components like optical fibres and digital instrumentation and control systems ensure a particularly fast response time for the power plant. In 15 minutes, each BoA 2&3 unit can increase or decrease its output by more than 500 MW. This helps offset fluctuations in the feed-in of renewable energy.
An important contribution to Germany's energy U-turn.

With its units F and G, the lignite-fired power station with optimised plant engineering (BoA 2&3) is part of RWE's Neurath power-plant location.
RWE invested €2.6bn in the project. A good one half of the construction costs remained with companies in North Rhine-Westphalia. RWE made a point of awarding contracts in the region.

Facts and Figures


Technical data per unitRated operation
Raw lignite input (guarantee lignite)t/h800 - 1,200
Gross capacityMW1,100
Net efficiency%> 43
Power generationbn kWhup to 8
Main-steam pressure/temperature*bar/ °C272/600
Combustion-chamber temperature°Capprox. 1,000
Cooling-water temperature after cooling tower°Capprox. 18

* Steam-generator outlet

Impressions at the Open House Day of BoA 2&3

Some 4,000 visitors attended the Open House Day with shows, fun, action, lots of information and with fascinating insights around the power plant.

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Impressions of the event

Over 400 guests attended commissioning at Neurath. All impressions, with images and videos, can be found here.

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Laying of the foundation stone

Chancellor Merkel and State Premier Rüttgers lay foundation stone for BoA power plant units 2 and 3.

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Best of BoA2&3

Impressions of BoA 2&3 in Neurath from the start of construction all the way to commissioning. Click through a world of images.


How it all began

Go on a timeline through the history of the most modern lignite-fired power plant, BoA 2&3.

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