Galloper Offshore Wind Farm


Galloper is an offshore wind farm currently being developed for location 30km off the Suffolk Coast of England. It was granted a development consent order on 24th May 2013 by the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change. It is an extension of the existing and fully operational Greater Gabbard Wind Farm. The Galloper project has consent for up to 504MW and is currently being developed with a nominal capacity of 336MW.

Galloper map









Galloper key statistics:

  • Located ~27KM off the Suffolk Coast
  • 504 MW consented and 336 MW nominal capacity of current project
  • Up to 56 wind turbines
  • Up to 6MW turbines
  • Offshore & onshore substations
  • Potential to generate clean home grown energy for 1000s of UK homes and create 100s of jobs

For further information go to the Galloper Wind Farm website.