Value Chain

Production of fossil fuels/ Purchase of biomass

Area for action: environmental protection, value chain

Mining of lignite in our own open cast mines
  • Sustainable recultivation of mining areas
  • Safeguarding the water resources in the region
  • Resettlement of residents at socially acceptable conditions
  • Minimising dust and noise emissions
Oil and gas exploration and drilling
  • Environmental protection in very sensitive areas (Wadden Sea, North Sea, North Atlantic)
  • Handling and disposing of waste from production
  • Ethical and transparent business dealings in countries with weak governance
Purchase of biomass
  • Sustainable production of wood pellets and other forms of biomass

Supply and trading

Area for action: supply chain

Supply and trading with hard coal, natural gas, biomass, electricity, CO2 certificates
  • Human rights, social standards and environmental protection in the producing countries
  • Sustainable cultivation of biomass in the supply countries

Power and heat generation

Area for action: climate protection, environmental protection

Construction and operation of fossil-fired power stations
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions
  • Limiting the emission of pollutants
  • Acceptance of the new construction of power stations
  • Treatment and minimisation of the (cooling) water used
  • Making the generation portfolio more flexible to adjust to the volatile feed-in of renewable energies
Operation and decommissioning of nuclear power stations
  • Safe operation of nuclear power stations
  • Disposal of radioactive waste
  • Preparation and safe implementation of decommissioning concepts
Construction and operation of hydropower plants and wind farms
  • Sustainable water management
  • Connection to offshore wind farms
Construction and operation of biomass power stations
  • Compliance with national and international requirements for the sustainability of the biomass used including the CO2 footprint and indirect effects on land use


Area for action: environmental protection

Construction and operation of the natural-gas transmission grid
  • Planning of environmentally compatible transmission in new-builds

Distribution of electricity and gas

Area for action: security of supply, innovations, environmental protection

Expansion, operation and maintenance of the electricity distribution grid
  • Concepts for flexible load distribution and for feed-in of renewable energies
  • Expansion of suitable storage capacities
  • Uninterrupted supply with electricity
  • Bird and nature protection
  • Acceptance of grid expansion
Expansion, operation and maintenance of the gas distribution grid
  • Uninterrupted supply with gas

Sales and use of electricity and gas

Area for action: marketplace and customers, energy efficiency, innovations

Supply of electricity and gas to residential and business customers
  • Competitive, individualised and flexible packages
  • Development of products and services for energy savings
  • Development of service packages for own consumption and for marketing of renewable energies
Supply of electricity and gas to industrial customers
  • Support for customers in energy saving
Supply of electricity and gas to municipal utilities
  • Support for local authorities in energy saving