Corporate Responsibility Strategy

Our Corporate Responsibility (CR) strategy enables us to ensure that we have sustainable corporate governance at RWE. This strategy is based on ten areas for action which we manage using concrete targets and quantifiable parameters.

We make sustainable corporate governance up to the year 2020 a fixed element in operational controlling of the company. Our roadmap “Sustainable corporate management” presents development since 1998 and our long-term objective.

Our CR Strategy is based on an analysis of the key issues and challenges for our company. We have developed the ten areas for action in our CR Strategy from this analysis.

Issues and challenges

We regularly assess the topicality and the relevance of the ten areas for action and then draw up a revised materiality analysis every year.

Materiality analysis 2012

We have originated a programme of targets and measures for implementing our CR Strategy. We continue to update the programme every year and take account of development in the areas for action and changes in the boundary conditions and expectations of our stakeholders.


We consistently pursue this roadroute of making sustainable corporate governance quantifiable and controllable. Part of the variable compensation for the Executive Board is therefore linked to achieving CR goals. The assessment is carried out by the Supervisory Board of RWE AG. The relevant CR aspects are also channelled into the balanced scorecards of the operating companies.

Today, openness, dialogue and participation are the key expectations placed on large companies by the community. We want to live up to this challenge. Large sections of society continue to be very critical of our company when it comes to some issues. We therefore want to expand the dialogue and achieve a high level of acceptance within the community for our actions by the year 2020.