CR Programme

Climate protection


We are committedKPITarget
… to significantly reducing the CO2 intensity of our generation portfolio.CO2 emissions in metric tons per megawatt hour of electricity generated (mt CO2/MWh)0,62 mt CO2/MWh
DueActionImplementation Status 31. Dec. 2012
2020New building of more than 7,200 MW gas-fired, 2,100 MW lignite-fired and 3,088 MW hard-coal power stations plus an additional 4,500 MW from renewables either under construction or in operation until 20146,509 MW gas-fired power stations, 2,100 MW highly efficient lignite-fired power stations put into operation; all other newbuilds in progress. 4,133 MW renewables in operation; CO2 Intensity 0.792 metric t/MWh

Energy efficiency


We are committedKPITarget
… to increasing both our own energy efficiency and that of our customers.- Increase in energy efficiency in %
  • RWE power stations: 41.2 % degree of energy use
  • RWE fleet of vehicles: 20 % by 2012*)
  • RWE real estate: 5 % by 2012*)
  • RWE customer projects: 8 % by 2012*)

*) Targets are being revised in 2013

DueActionImplementation Status 31. Dec. 2012
  • Power station modernising programme
  • Implementation of “Green Car policy”
  • Energy-conserving modernisation of buildings
  • Customer advice, smart meters/Smart Home, contracting models with municipal utilities and industry
  • 39.2 % degree of energy use
  • 22 % reduction in fuel consumption of company cars since 2009
  • 31 % efficiency increase on real-estate projects in Germany
  • 13 % energy savings in households through the “Cleverer Kiez“ project



We are committedKPITarget
… to ensuring the availability of the best solutions for our purposes in our core processes through innovations.Degree of coverage and communication of strategically relevant questions in %at least 98%
DueActionImplementation Status 31. Dec. 2012
2012/2015Sample projects: carbon capture, CO2 usage, improvements in power station efficiency, offshore wind power, solar thermal power, compressed air energy storage, smart grids, smart meters, SmartHomeProcessing and communication of strategically relevant R&D issues; management covers 100 %

Security of supply


We are committedKPITarget
… to supplying our customers with the energy they need at all times.System Availability Interruption Duration Indicator (SAIDI) in minutes per year and customerSAIDI < 25 min./customer (Germany only)
DueActionImplementation Status 31. Dec. 2012
from 2013Approx. €25 billion group-wide for grid renewal, expansion and operation in the period 2009 to 2019SAIDI (2011): 18.1 min./customer per year (Germany only)

Supply Chain


We are committedKPITarget
… to avoiding reputational risks by making compliance with internationally recognised social and environmental standards an integral part of our supply contracts. Supplier management coverage in all procurement areas in %At least 98% of annual purchase volume
DueActionImplementation Status 31. Dec. 2012
  • Adding CR criteria in the general terms and Conditions of Business (AGB)
  • Extend dialogue with our stakeholders regarding the purchase of coal and biomass (‘Bettercoal’, Dutch Coal Dialogue)
  • Development of CR principles for procurement of goods
  • Supplier management coverage 98.6 %
  • Founding of the sector initiative "Bettercoal"
  • Principles for the procurement of biomass implemented

Pricing and marketplace


We are committedKPITarget
… to having satisfied and hence loyal customers.Customer Loyalty IndexCustomer Loyalty Index of min. 74
DueActionImplementation Status 31. Dec. 2012
2015Retention of good service quality
Expansion of energy-based services
Customer Loyalty Index of 72

Demographic change


We are committedKPITarget
… to ensuring the long-term availability of sufficient numbers of suitably qualified personnel.Demography IndexDemography Index of min. 84
DueActionImplementation Status 31. Dec. 2012
  • Continue phased-in retirement and redundancy conditions
  • Implementation of human resources policy geared to different life phases
    Increase in number of women in leadership positions
Demography Index of 83.9

Occupational health and safety


We are committedKPITarget
… to ensuring that all our own and our subcontractors’ employees return home just as healthy at the end of the day as they were when they arrived for work.
  • Number of accidents leading to the loss of at least one person day per million working hours (LTIF: X/1,000,000 h)
  • LTIF of max. 2.3 by 2014 (including subcontractors)
… to maintaining our employees’ productivity.
  • Introduction of the Work Ability Index (WAI) in %
  • Most employees of companies based in Germany have access to some means of measuring their personal WAI
DueActionImplementation Status 31. Dec. 2012
  • Ongoing implementation of “Sicher voRWEg” (the Energy to Lead Safely), safety pass introduced for all construction sites, inclusion of contractors’ employees in accident statistics, further development of occupational health contractor management
  • LTIF (own staff and subcontractors), 2.8
  • WAI to be introduced across Germany and the results evaluated
  • more than 11,000 responses to the WAI in Germany

Environmental protection


We are committedKPITarget

… to operating our plant safely and in compliance with licensing regulations at all times.

… to 100% implementation of our environmental management system to ensure that our plants and grids are operated in compliance with legal requirements at all times.

  • Compliance with licensing requirements in %
  • Group-wide environmental management coverage in %
  • 100 % compliance
  • 100 % coverage
DueActionImplementation Status 31. Dec. 2012
  • Monitoring and optimising plant management
  • Installation of an environmental management system in all new companies, regular internal audits
  • No significant deviations from environmental protection laws and licensing regulations
  • Environmental management covers 99.46%

Community engagement


We are committedKPITarget
… to strengthening our regional reputation by making efficient use of resources.Reputation IndexBest reputation in our peer group
DueActionImplementation Status 31. Dec. 2012
  • Systematic development of regional level community engagement
  • extension of Corporate Volunteering
  • focussing of activities of foundation
Best reputation in our peer group