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We are working in around 200 projects to make the energy supply of the future more climate friendly, more efficient and smarter. These projects range from the extraction of raw materials to power generation, distribution and use.

The platform for our high standard of living is provided by a secure, reliable and affordable energy supply. Our objective is to play a role in structuring the energy turnaround to create a carbon-neutral electricity supply while at the same time making preparations to meet the energy needs of the future. If we are to achieve our mission, we need to optimise existing technologies and processes in all areas along the value chain of the energy supply and develop new ones. We are well aware that the development and use of innovative technologies and procedures are key factors in the future success of our company.

Stakeholder expectations and framework conditions

Our stakeholders expect us to make a key contribution to the success of a climate-friendly and secure energy supply through our research and development activities. At the same time, innovations in energy supply are held back by opaque statutory framework conditions and an unwillingness among stakeholders to accept new projects, procedures and technologies. The dialogue with our stakeholders is therefore a key factor for acceptance of our research and development activities. RWE presented the ‘Acceptance Study’ in 2012 that contributes to the debate within society about participation and its significance for Germany as an energy and business centre.

Acceptance Study

Objectives in the area for action Innovation


We are committedKPITarget
… to ensuring the availability of the best solution in our core processes through innovationsExtent of coverage and communication of strategically relevant R&D issues in %At least 98 %

Target attainment

We have set up a group-wide innovation management system to coordinate all our research and development (R&D) activities. All relevant RWE companies engaged in research and development are integrated in the standardised processes like R&D planning and reporting. In 2012, the level of compliance with our key performance indicator for innovation management was 100 %.

Overview of the most important facts:

We have


R&D projects running

at the moment

We want to make electricity supply carbon neutral by


Hessian Statement Prize for intelligent energy


households in the Smart Operator project

AmpaCity: transmission of electricity at


virtually without loss