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Community Engagement

We want to make a positive contribution to the regions and the local communities where we operate. We know that our long-term success also depends on our acceptance and reputation at local level and on the ideas from the community that we bring back into our company.

The energy transition in Germany is a combined challenge for politicians, business and consumers. Our aim is to be part of the solution. If we are to achieve this goal, we need to expand renewable energies (Climate Protection), integrate them into the grid (Security of Supply) and enhance energy efficiency (Energy Efficiency) in parallel. We also need to gain the trust and acceptance of the community, in particular the residents and local communities around our locations. Our aim is also to engage in dialogue more intensively with people (Stakeholder Dialogue) and move the regions forward with them.

Our social activities empower us to achieve a profile that creates a positive effect. This might be expressed in terms of enhanced customer loyalty, acceptance of infrastructure projects or opinion-forming within the public domain. We also gain an advantage within the company when we are considering investment projects, new products and packages or potential joint ventures.



We are committedKPITarget
… to strengthening our regional reputation by making efficient use of resources.Reputation IndexBest reputation in our peer group

Target Attainment

We continued to intensify our contacts and cooperation at local and regional level in 2012. Particularly in the wake of the energy transition in Germany, we have noticed an increased readiness among our contacts at local level to work together and identify joint solutions. RWE is developing into an accepted and respected partner for dialogue at this level. This was also confirmed by the acceptance study published in November 2012, which compared the positions and interests of our stakeholders and invited stakeholders to engage in a follow-up process geared towards developing constructive debate (Stakeholder Dialogue). Against this background, we also carried out our annual reputational study. The results were published in December 2012 and they show that our reputation had remained constant compared with 2011. In a comparison with our major competitors, the marginal lead we enjoyed last year improved slightly so that we also achieved our objective this year.

Overview of the most important facts:

Some €


to promote structural change at the Biblis nuclear power site


employees are active in German schools as energy ambassadors


projects sponsored by RWE Companius since 2007

Donations amounting to

€ 4.0


Highest reputation among comparable companies in the sector