2012 Key Figures at a Glance

FieldPerformance indicator20122011201020092008
EconomyExternal electricity sales volumebillion kWh277.8294.6311.2282.8317.1
External gas sales volumebillion kWh306.8322.2395.4332.0327.8
Electricity customersmillion16.416.616.216.514.4
Gas customersmillion7.
External revenue€million53,22751,68653,32047,74148,950
Share of the RWE Group’s
revenue earned in countries
with a high or very high risk
of corruption1
Net income€million1,3061,8063,3083,5712,558
Value added€million1,5891,2862,8763,1773,453
Capital expenditure€million5,5447,0726,64315,6375,693
EnviromentPower plant capacityMW51,97749,23852,21449,58245,196
NOX emissionsg/kWh0.690.600.580.670.67
SO2 emissionsg/kWh0.400.310.290.340.39
Particulate emissionsg/kWh0.0250.0210.0190.0240.028
Primary energy consumptionbillion kWh435.7390.6403.0368.2396.0
Water consumption2m3/MWh1.561.621.411.701.49
Specific CO2 emissionsmt/MWh0.7920.7870.7320.7960.768
Scope 1 CO2 emissions3million mt181.7163.8167.1151.3174.5
Scope 2 CO2 emissions4million mt1.
Scope 3 CO2 emissions5million mt105.2121.0135.7128.1127.0
Share of the Group’s electricity
generation accounted for by
Share of women in the company%27.527.
Share of women in executive positions7%12.311.310.89.08.9
Fluctuation rate%10.810.
Health ratio%95.595.895.695.495.4
Lost-time incident frequencyLTIF82.
Fatal work-related accidents9431512

1 Countries rated lower than 60 on a scale of zero to 100 in the 2012 Corruption Perceptions Index by the anti-corruption organisation Transparency International, with 100 corresponding to the lowest risk of corruption.
2 Difference between power plant water withdrawals and returns to rivers and other surface waters; excluding power plants with seawater cooling
3 Scope 1: direct CO2 emissions from in-house sources (oil and gas production, gas transmission & electricity generation).
4 Scope 2: indirect CO2 emissions from the transmission and distribution of electricity purchased from third parties.
5 Scope 3: indirect CO2 emissions that do not fall under scope 1 or 2, produced through the generation of electricity procured from third parties, the transmission and distribution of electricity in third-party networks, the production and transmission of used fuel, as well as the consumption of gas sold to customers.
6 Converted to full-time positions.
7 2009 excluding Essent.
8 Lost Time Incident Frequency (Number of accidents leading to the loss of at least one person day per million working hours); until 2011 excluding employees of contractors, from on 2012 including employees of contractors.
9 Including employees of third-party companies.