Report profile

This report entitled ‘Our Responsibility. Report 2012‘ is aimed at analysts and investors, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), our workforce, customers and suppliers, policymakers, government agencies and the people living in the regions where we do business. It describes the most important social, environmental and economic challenges facing our core business, the conflicting aims that can arise, and the corporate responsibility (CR) strategy we have developed in response.

Since the reporting year 2011, the CR Report has only been published online. A PDF file has also been created for printouts and archiving. This report was audited in its entirety by the accountancy firm Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC), which assessed it against compliance with the Accountability Standard AA1000-AccountAbility (Certificate for independent assurance report). The CR Report includes an overview of all the important Indicators. We provide detailed indicators for the years 2006 to 2012 interactively with the Indicator tool and as Excel download.


We developed our CR strategy on the basis of the challenges posed by our business and taking account of the general conditions prevailing in individual regions. We present a detailed profile of these in the Country portraits. They are included at the beginning of the report together with the Portrait of the RWE Group.

The report is based on the Ten Areas for Action of the CR strategy. We assess the relevance of the individual Areas for Action and the expectations of the stakeholders for our company in a Materiality analysis. The report also serves as our progress report for the Global Compact of the United Nations (Progress report UN Global Compact).

Basic principles

The report is based on our CR strategy and developed out of our ongoing dialogue with stakeholders. The relevant data are presented in line with the latest guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) to allow our readers to compare our performance with that of other companies. We explain how we have implemented these guidelines and the requirements of the CRI Sector Supplement Electric Utilities dated October 2007 in the GRI-Index. Our self-assessment of the level of compliance with the GRI guidelines (Version 3.0) is A+. This assessment was confirmed by the

GRI Level Check Statement


The period under review is fiscal 2012, which began on 1 January and ended on 31 December. The data provided in this report relate to all affiliated companies of the RWE Group which are included in the consolidated financial statements. Any deviations from this are clearly stated. The financial data were taken from the RWE Annual Report 2012. We present financial data denominated in the relevant national currency and have converted these based on the average annual values for 2012 (1 US dollar = € 0.77 €, 1 UK pound sterling= € 1.23, 100 Czech crowns = € 3.98, 100 Hungarian forints = € 0.35, 1 Polish zloty = € 0.24).

For reference

This online report is published in German and English. The Executive Board of RWE AG has approved the report for publication. The editorial deadline was 28 February 2013. This report continues our policy of annual reporting. The next report will be published in the spring of 2014. The term ‘employee’ refers to male and female employees.

Forward-looking statements

This online report contains forward-looking statements regarding the future development of the RWE Group and its companies as well as economic and political developments. These statements are assessments that we have made based on information available at the time this report was drawn up. In the event that the underlying assumptions do not materialise or additional risks arise, actual performance may deviate from the performance expected at present. We are therefore unable to assume any responsibility whatsoever for the accuracy of these statements.