Our CR management

Our Group Centre is responsible for managing the implementation and realisation of Corporate Responsibility. As Coordinator, Chief Executive Officer Peter Terium is responsible for Corporate Responsibility in the RWE Group. On 1 July 2012, the organisational units CR / Environmental Protection, Social Engagement/RWE Foundation and Diversity were grouped together in a new ‘Corporate Responsibility’ Department in order to strengthen sustainability in the RWE Group. The head of the department, Prof. Dr. Henning Rentz, reports directly to Chief Executive Officer Peter Terium.

The cooperation between the Group Centre and the operating companies is carried out through the team of CR Officers where all the major operating companies are represented. The meetings serve as forums for exchanging ideas and agreeing joint activities. Two meetings of CR Officers were held in 2012.

As part of our CR Management, we cooperate with the Group companies in tracking all key developments in the area of sustainability and assess their relevance for the RWE Group. The dialogue we have with our stakeholders yields important information in this area (Materiality Analysis).

We then derive appropriate measures from this process. For example, in 2012 we carried out a more intensive dialogue about sourcing our hard coal. We joined the ‘Bettercoal’ initiative and intensified our dialogue with coal suppliers. We are also addressing other issues such as biodiversity and water consumption so that RWE is able to take up a position in the public debate and if necessary take appropriate measures.

Since 2011, we have been submitting a Declaration of Compliance on the German Sustainability Code with the aim of increasing the transparency of our governance. This is published on the project page of the German Council for Sustainable Development.

Declaration of Compliance with the German Sustainability Code

We use ten areas for action to track sustainable development at RWE. Indicators and targets clearly identify our current position and where we want to go. Since 2010, we have supplemented our CR programme with concrete key performance indicators. We use these KPIs to track the development in the areas for action of our CR Strategy.

The demands on the quality of our indicators are increasing at the same pace as the growth in importance of Corporate Responsibility. There are recognised global targets for this, such as the AA 1000 or the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative and we want to meet these targets in our CR Management and in our reporting. We have therefore created a Data Recording Manual with the aim of improving the quality of our CR indicators. This manual sets out binding definitions, reporting limits and processes for collecting data on the CR indicators. Drawing up the manual also enables us to comply with the recommendations made by the auditor in the CR Report prepared in 2011.

The areas for action were developed in 2007. After more than five years, we believed that it is necessary to carry out a review of the ten areas for action. To this end, we launched a group-wide process in the second half of 2012. This review is focusing specifically on ascertaining whether the current form of the areas for action continues to correspond with our challenges and how we are able to place more emphasis on Corporate Responsibility in the RWE Group. This strategic process is likely to be concluded at the beginning of the second quarter of 2013 and will then be implemented.