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Clean development Mechanism/Joint Implementation (CDM/JI)

In common with efforts to reduce CO2, international climate-protection projects under the umbrella of the Climate Convention of the United Nations also make a contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gases. RWE ranks among the trailblazers in this area.

These projects have become more challenging as a result of the comparatively low prices for CO2 emissions rights prevailing at the present time. This is regrettable because these projects also have an additional social benefit in developing countries and emerging economies alongside their positive effect on global greenhouse gas emissions.

One such example is a fertiliser production facility in Abu Qir (Egypt) where emissions of laughing gas (N2O) with an annual CO2-equivalent of 1.5 million metric t were avoided. Infrastructure measures, such as refurbishment of school buildings and hospitals, or equipping ambulances with advanced medical equipment were continued in 2012.