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Adaption on climate change

The global increase in emissions of greenhouse gases means that we also have to manage the effects of climate change on our power stations. RWE npower in the United Kingdom joined forces with eight further electricity generators and the British government to look into the impact of climate change on hard-coal and gas-fired power stations. We have established that no weather events are projected over the next 20 years which the technology deployed in the power stations of today will not be able to handle. The perspective was limited to 20 years because a lot of British power stations will have come to the end of their service life within this period. New plants will have to be designed to cope with the extreme climatic conditions predicted to occur at that time.

A significant percentage of our electricity generating capacity in Continental Europe is not sensitive to periods with even very low levels of precipitation. This is because these plants either use pumped water from opencast mines or are cooled by seawater or brackish water.