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Our own energy consumption

We support our customers with a comprehensive package of advice and service relating to energy savings. These offers are also geared to our employees and we offer them special conditions.

Business travel and vehicle fleet

Since the beginning of 2009, we have been continuously purchasing new vehicles for our vehicle fleet in accordance with our Green Car Policy. On average, we change our vehicles after four years. This means that today more than 98 % of our vehicles are subject to the Green Car Policy. By the end of 2012, this had achieved a reduction in specific fuel consumption of 22%. It fell by 4% during the year under review.

In May 2012, the German Automobile Association (ADAC) made its requirements for CO2 emissions, air pollutants and fine dust more stringent in its EcoTest and included electric vehicles in its assessment. Our fleet consumption will also continue to fall in the future as a result of the application of stricter criteria. Our subsidiary company ELMÜ continued its exchange pro-gramme in 2012. Vehicles are exchanged for new ones after three years. The objective here is also to increase efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.