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The nationwide launch of electromobility will open up a new division for RWE, primarily relating to the marketing and operating of the necessary charging infrastructure. Forecasts assume that around 80% of all charging processes are carried out either at home or at the workplace. RWE provides the relevant technologies and products at these locations ranging from basic charging points with a straightforward standard tariff for domestic garages to intelligent charging infra-structure and individual billing models. In 2012, more than 65,000 charges were carried out across Europe at more than 2,000 charging points. They are linked together through a uniform RWE interface.
A nationwide and publicly accessible network of ‘Charging Points’ is essential for electromobility to succeed. Up to now, we have made the greatest progress in Germany and the Netherlands, where we had already installed respectively 1,370 and 367 charging points by the close of 2012. We provide two models giving interested customers easy access to RWE’s public charging infrastructure in Germany: an e-car electricity contract or a pay-as-you-go alternative operated by SMS. Paying by mobile phone allows drivers to charge their electric car for a specified time. We are also playing a proactive role in our other markets and maintaining charging points in Austria (97), Poland (12), Hungary (23) and the United Kingdom (12).

We want to work together with Renault in Poland to move forward a campaign promoting elec-tromobility and we are offering interested customers the opportunity to purchase a private charging point for their electric car. In Hungary, ELMÜ continues to be a pioneer in the promo-tion of electric vehicles and is developing into the leading provider of electromobility. Alongside supplying and installing charging stations, ELMÜ operates the biggest fleet of electric vehicles nationwide.

In September 2012, RWE was awarded the Strategy Prize by management consultants Frost & Sullivan for its comprehensive strategy in electromobility – ranging from the provision of charg-ing points, through software developed in-house, to the tariff model based on green electricity.