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Employees outside Europe

The majority of our employees (99.7 %) work in European countries. However, RWE DEA is also operating in Egypt, Libya and Turkmenistan. We have a representative office in Azerbaijan and we employ local workers in these countries but the workforce also includes international specialists who make up around 20 % in Egypt, around 13 % in Libya and some 18 % of the workforce in Turkmenistan. We have less than 100 employees in North America. We don’t em-ploy people in any other region.

Our companies outside Europe offer attractive and competitive employment conditions. These include appropriate remuneration and a corresponding level of social security. In particular, RWE Dea operates outside Europe. If the employees of RWE Dea are ill, the company offers them support that extends beyond the statutory benefits provided in the individual countries. We also offer higher retirement benefits than those provided under statutory regulations. In Egypt, we have introduced a private retirement plan and our employees in Turkmenistan can take out an additional voluntary retirement plan.

We also foster open, two-way communication in an atmosphere of trust with our employees at locations outside Europe and we adopt the same practices as in Germany. This enables us to take appropriate account of the demands of our employees, even if their representation is not organised in unions to the same extent as in Europe. Our colleagues in Egypt, Libya and Turk-menistan also take part in the group-wide staff survey.

Our non-European sites present specific challenges for the safety of our employees. The uncertain political situation meant that we had to evacuate our international employees and their families from Egypt and Libya in 2011. All our employees have now been able to return to Egypt with their families. Our international employees have also been able to restart their work in Libya but we initially decided to send our employees back without their families due to the security situation. We have created flexible options to enable our international members of staff to return frequently to their families.