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Diversity management

We regard diversity as an opportunity to recruit the broadest possible range of skills and talents for our company and to develop them for our needs. One focus of our diversity activities is the promotion of equal opportunities for women. In October 2011, we made a commitment to the German government to increase the percentage of women in management positions throughout the RWE Group to 22 % by 2018. In 2012, the percentage of women in the entire workforce was 27.5 % (2011: 27.1 %) and the percentage in senior management positions was 12.3 % (2011: 11.3 %). There are no women on the Executive Board of RWE AG. Three women are currently members of the 24-strong Supervisory Board of RWE, two of these are employee representatives.

The Executive Mentoring Programme gives female managers the opportunity to engage in regu-lar communication with their mentors and plan their careers on an individual basis. The mentors support them in their role as experienced managers. The programme was carried out for the fourth time in 2012. Since the launch in 2007, a total of 79 mentees have been through an Ex-ecutive Mentoring Programme.

The ‘Communication for Female Leaders’ seminar was piloted at an event in 2010 and it has been offered several times a year since then. It is directed towards managers and junior man-agers who are due to take on a specific management function in the near future. This training is intended to enable the participants to learn about enhancing their own profile for communication purposes. So far, a total of 40 managers and junior managers have taken part in this training.

The ‘Senior Women’s Network’ serves as a communication and network platform for women. Around 300 women in management positions and female junior managers took part in the an-nual meeting in 2012. The meeting was held in Cardiff (United Kingdom) and it was hosted by RWE npower and RWE Innogy UK.

As a matter of principle, RWE pays women the same salary as men in equivalent positions. The salary is calculated exclusively on the basis of qualification. The employee representatives ensure that equality is maintained in this area. Around 73 % of our employees are paid on the basis of a collective pay-scale agreement. The allocation to a particular pay-scale or salary group is linked to the job profile and is independent of gender. No information is available for a more nuanced assessment which also takes account of career development and promotion options.


RWE operates throughout Europe and internationalisation is also an extremely important factor for diversity management. In June 2012, the RWE Executive Board decided to take enhanced measures to promote the internationalisation of the Group and its workforce. The focus is on internationalisation of the executive management and the management team of newly estab-lished companies. The aim of ‘RWE 2015’ is also to enhance the mobility of the workforce across national borders. Furthermore, targets are also to be agreed with the Group companies and cultural measures are going to be integrated within the ongoing ‘Cultural Change’ project.

Internationality and cultural diversity at RWE