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Occupational healthcare management

A platform for developing Occupational Healthcare Management (OHM) is formed by the Information from around 11,000 completed questionnaires on the Work Ability Index (ABI) which were available at the end of 2012. Naturally, the data were evaluated anonymously and then processed further. Alongside the questionnaire on Work Ability, Occupational Healthcare Management also developed four health questions to be included in the Staff Survey in 2012. This survey was initially carried out with around 50 % of our employees in Germany.

The Occupational Medicine/OHM competence centre launched the OHM principles programme ‘Sustainably Positive Influence of the Health Ratios’. This programme encompasses 13 basic measures, such as the orientation of an event ‘gesund voRWEg gehen’ (The Energy to Lead Healthily) and incorporation of the issue of health into structured employee meetings. The programme is scheduled for introduction at the other RWE companies in Germany in 2013.

In 2012, RWE East started to record and analyse the current measures in existence for promoting occupational healthcare. The Occupational Medicine/OHM competence centre assisted in analysing company-specific framework conditions and developing individual programmes for the companies.