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Dealing with waste has been integrated in all business processes at RWE and waste is treated in conformity with the statutory regulations currently applicable. The ash from our power stations accounts for the lion’s share of the waste produced by RWE. We attempt to recycle most of the ash, for example as certified fly ash for building materials or as aggregates for constructing roads and footpaths. Ash from lignite power stations is used to fill abandoned opencast mines even though government agencies have no longer classified this as recycling since 2011. This has brought about an alteration in the recycling ratio even though the fundamental situation has not changed.

We have a long track record of using most of the gypsum produced by our flue-gas desulphurisation systems for recycling in the building materials industry. Gypsum is therefore not disposed of as waste but is graded as a by-product of power stations. All by-products from power stations are subject to ongoing quality assurance for safe compliance with the specified levels of substances.

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