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Environmental management

All Group companies have to comply with a directive requiring them to set up and maintain an appropriate environmental management system. The requirements are based on the ISO 14001 international standard. The annual audit carried out by the Group Centre monitors compliance. In 2012, the extent of coverage of our environmental management was 99.6% measured on the basis of full-time equivalents of our employees.

In 2012, the focus of internal environmental management audits was on evaluation of environmental aspects. We analysed the expectations of our stakeholders for each Group company and carried out materiality analyses for environmental protection. This also raised the level of awareness for the importance of environmental protection, beyond the scope of statutory requirements. Our companies used the results of analyses to set up or expand their environmental programmes.

In 2012, we also introduced a dedicated environmental management system for the Group Centre – RWE AG. It was audited by experts from RWE Technology. Systematic risk assessment for environmental protection and group-wide, uniform reference standards and their documentation were highlighted as options for improvement. We included improvement measures in the goal agreements for environmental management at RWE AG.

The companies of the RWE Group have the option of obtaining external certification of the management systems in conformity with ISO 14001. Virtually all our power stations, RWE Dea and a number of regional companies are certified in conformity with ISO 14001. The extent of coverage has remained virtually unchanged overall at 43%. The formal requirements of ISO 50001 for a management system on energy efficiency are integrated in the existing ISO14001 management system.