Essen, 27 April 2016, RWE AG

Energy companies are ready for a joint solution to finance the phase out of nuclear power generation in Germany

Today in Berlin, the KFK commission has announced its suggestions on financing the phase out of nuclear power generation in Germany. The suggestions include a huge risk premium and overburden the concerned energy companies’ economic capabilities. Thus, the energy companies cannot accept the suggestions as they are least of all due to their responsibilities towards their employees, their customers and their shareholders.more

Essen, 20 April 2016, RWE AG

AGM elects shareholder representatives

At the Annual General Meeting of RWE AG held today, the following shareholder representatives were elected under Item 8 of the agenda to the Supervisory Board on the basis of individual voting.more

Essen, 18 April 2016, RWE International SE

Installation of foundations for the Nordsee One offshore wind farm completed

During the weekend the installation team successfully installed the last foundation for the Nordsee One offshore wind farm, located approximately 40 km north of the island of Juist. All 54 monopole foundations have also been fitted with the associated transition pieces for the installation of the tower segments. This fully completes all of the 54 foundations six weeks ahead of schedule.


Essen, 04 April 2016, RWE International SE

RWE increases hydropower portfolio in Scotland

RWE International is increasing its hydropower portfolio in Scotland. After the commissioning of the Cia Aig run-of-river scheme the company now operates 15 hydroelectric power stations in Scotland. In February construction of the 2 megawatt Grudie hydro scheme started. RWE International maintains its plans to grow the number of small-scale hydroelectric power plants in Scotland despite the UK Government’s decision to cut support for renewable energy projects. Hydropower often has base-load capability and is an important element in the renewable energy mix. Nevertheless, it is facing increasing pressure in Germany, as well. more

Essen, 31 March 2016, RWE AG

RWE launches future-oriented business with new subsidiary

Right on schedule this Friday, 1 April 2016, the new RWE subsidiary for renewables, grids and retail will begin operating. The company bears the temporary name “RWE International SE” and bundles the business areas of renewables, grids and retail in Germany and internationally. more

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