Essen, 02 July 2016, RWE AG

RWE and Qatargas sign seven and a half year SPA for LNG Deliveries into Europe

RWE Supply & Trading (RWEST) and Qatargas, the World’s Premier LNG Company, today announced a flexible Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA). more

Essen, 12 May 2016, RWE AG

RWE: earnings forecast for 2016 confirmed

In the first three months of 2016, the RWE Group’s EBITDA rose 5% compared to the previous year’s period, to €2.3 billion, and its operating result was up 7% to €1.7 billion. more

Essen, 02 May 2016, RWE AG

RWE Supply & Trading to expand customer business and global activities

RWE Supply & Trading (RWEST), one of the largest energy trading houses in Europe, plans to double business with third party customers in the medium to long term and expand its international trading business further. As an energy manager for the secure supply of electricity, the company sees itself taking a key role in the ongoing transformation of the energy system. more

Essen, 27 April 2016, RWE AG

Energy companies are ready for a joint solution to finance the phase out of nuclear power generation in Germany

Today in Berlin, the KFK commission has announced its suggestions on financing the phase out of nuclear power generation in Germany. The suggestions include a huge risk premium and overburden the concerned energy companies’ economic capabilities. Thus, the energy companies cannot accept the suggestions as they are least of all due to their responsibilities towards their employees, their customers and their shareholders.more

Essen, 20 April 2016, RWE AG

AGM elects shareholder representatives

At the Annual General Meeting of RWE AG held today, the following shareholder representatives were elected under Item 8 of the agenda to the Supervisory Board on the basis of individual voting.more

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