Essen, 16 December 2014, RWE AG

RWE: New collective agreement to take effect

All parties involved today agreed upon a new collective agreement package for the employees in Germany subject to the “RWE pay scale”. The package includes the following elements: the “SWITCH” job platform, an individually tailored option within “SWITCH”, a wage agreement for 2015 and 2016, as well as commitments on training. more

Essen, 12 December 2014, RWE AG

RWE adopts new dividend policy

RWE will determine its dividend payment based on more criteria than before, starting in fiscal 2015. The new dividend policy will no longer be based solely on recurrent net income, of which 40% to 50% have been paid out so far. In the future, the dividend proposal will be oriented towards RWE’s operating cash flows, indebtedness and earnings position. more

Essen, 12 December 2014, RWE AG

Change in Dividend Policy

The Executive Board of RWE AG decided in its meeting today that the dividend proposal will no longer be based solely on recurrent net income starting with the payment for fiscal 2015. So far, the dividend proposal has been oriented towards a payout ratio of 40% to 50% of recurrent net income. In the future, it will be oriented towards RWE’s operating cash flows, indebtedness and earnings position.more

Cairo, 09 December 2014, RWE Dea AG

RWE Dea increases production volumes and plans further exploration in Egypt

RWE Dea doubled its oil and gas production in Egypt. North Africa is a strategic core region for Dea. The company is one of the leading foreign investors in Egypt and produces oil and gas in the country for 30 years by now. RWE Dea is presenting applied technology highlights and recent projects at the MOC 2014 in Alexandria.more

Essen, 08 December 2014, RWE Innogy GmbH

enercast successfully concludes capital increase to finance company growth

Kassel-based enercast GmbH provides their customers with power forecasts for wind farms and solar energy plants. The reliable and precise forecasts facilitate the feeding of intermittent electricity production from renewable energy systems into the electricity grids. The company has now secured the financing of its rapid expansion. Under the leadership of Innogy Venture Capital, the investors made additional capital commitments in the low single-digit million euro range. more

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