Essen, 31 July 2015, RWE AG

RWE calls hybrid bond of 2010

RWE has called its hybrid bond issued in 2010 with a volume of 1.75 billion Euro and a coupon of 4.625% at the earliest possible date, 28 September 2015. The perpetual hybrid bond was RWE’s first move into this segment of the capital market. It was followed by issuances in Swiss francs, pounds Sterling and US dollars. This year, RWE has launched three further hybrid bonds in Euros and US dollars to replace the bond now called.more

Essen, 23 July 2015, RWE AG

RWE places another hybrid

Today, RWE placed a 500 million US dollar hybrid bond. The bond has a tenor of 60 years but can be called by RWE after just under eleven years in March 2026. With a coupon of 6.625% and an issue price of 99.117% the resulting yield amounts to 6.75%.more

Dortmund, 20 July 2015, RWE Effizienz

E-mobility: RWE celebrates 700,000th charging session

Drivers of electric vehicles have now “filled up” at RWE charging stations 700,000 times. By the end of this year, RWE forecasts one million charging sessions. Customers have powered their vehicles with enough energy for around 42 million kilometres of emission-free driving. This amounts to more than a hundred times the distance between Earth and the Moon. more

Dortmund/Ludwigshafen, 15 July 2015, RWE Effizienz

One charging point per electric vehicle – BASF expands its vehicle fleet and charging infrastructure

A chemical company is leading the way: BASF is replacing 100 company vehicles that have combustion engines with electric cars this year. Technology partner RWE will expand their charging infrastructure by the end of this year accordingly. Because if there is a charging point available for each individual electric vehicle, the cars will be ready for use at any time. This will benefit both the environment and the employees, with whom this way of getting around is very popular. More than 40 charging points have already been installed in Ludwigshafen.more

Essen/Budapest, 07 July 2015, RWE AG

ELMU-ÉMÁSZ enters the Hungarian natural gas market

At the beginning of July, RWE’s Hungarian subsidiary ELMÜ- ÉMÁSZ entered the Hungarian gas market. This step became attractive due to fundamental changes in the Hungarian gas industry. ELMU-ÉMÁSZ intends to achieve a market share of 10-15% in the upcoming years in the gas market among small and large industrial customers.more

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