Essen, 28 July 2014, RWE Deutschland AG

“Go & See 2014“:European electro mobility test passed

“Electro-mobile finale“ at Newcastle: After exactly 3,471 kilometres (=2,157 miles) and 13 days, RWE‘s “Go & See Tour 2014” reached its destination on Saturday as planned. During the last few miles, RWE employee Tim and his team in the Tesla S electric car were escorted by an impressive electric vehicle parade of RWE’s British subsidiary npower and many spectators. Before, the Tesla crew had driven through five European countries, heading for innovative projects and stations dealing with the future of our energy supply. more

Essen, 24 July 2014, RWE Generation

RWE expands the range of transparent EEX information with data from its power plants in Belgium and the Netherlands

With the inclusion of the current operating data for the power plants in the Netherlands and Belgium on the transparency platform of the European Electricity Exchange (EEX), RWE is making a further significant contribution to achieving a wider market overview.more

Essen, Germany, 21 July 2014, RWE Innogy

Wedding on the high seas

A wedding was celebrated on the Nordsee Ost offshore wind farm construction site of RWE Innogy: This is what the construction process is called when the foundation is successfully married to the substation platform. As a result the sea-based transformer substation and all its electrical components have now been successfully completed. more

Essen, Germany, 17 July 2014, RWE Innogy

EEG amendment makes planned biogas project uneconomical

Naturdünger Münsterland and RWE Innogy agreed jointly and amicably to abandon the plans for the erection and operation of the biogas plant at Velen, Germany. The reason is the reform of the German Renewable Energy Act (EEG) which makes the planned biogas project uneconomical. more

Cologne, 09 July 2014, RWE Power AG

Matthias Hartung: ”Successful energy transition requires a new culture of dialogue“

“We need a new culture of dialogue if the energy transition is to be successful!“ This is what Matthias Hartung, Chief Executive Officer of RWE Generation, explained at a meeting with journalists in Paffendorf near Bergheim.more

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