Our commitment: improving environmental and climate protection

Key elements of our value chain – the production of lignite, oil and natural gas, the generation of electricity, and the distribution of electricity and gas – are partly associated with substantial interventions in the environment. RWE would like to keep the associated impacts to a minimum.

Ecological sustainability and environmental and climate protection are among the major concerns of RWE. As far as we are concerned, strict compliance with statutory requirements and regulations is mandatory. Our group-wide binding environmental management systems are based on international ISO standards and we institute voluntary measures as well.

We also have a clearly defined strategy of continuing our efforts to protect the climate and reduce CO2 emissions. Furthermore, we are continuously reducing the emission of harmful climate gases from our power stations. Alongside enhancing the energy efficiency of our own plants, we direct resources towards increasing energy efficiency among consumers.

Climate Protection

Climate change is a huge challenge – we are playing our role in taking responsibility. Our long-term goal is to achieve climate-neutral production of electricity by 2050.

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Energy Efficiency

The efficient use of energy plays a key role in reducing consumption of resources and cutting emissions of greenhouse gases. We provide support for our customers with new technologies and services.

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Environmental Protection and Biodiversity

Protecting the environment and preserving biological diversity are one of the greatest challenges facing us on our planet.

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