Part of the community: taking responsibility

RWE operates in many different regions of the world, with the primary focus being on Europe. This makes the Group part of the local community everywhere. RWE has interpreted this as encompassing the obligation to make a commitment to the community.

We support the areas of education, culture and social commitment, as well as the community engagement of our employees. Lots of these projects are brought together within the RWE Foundation. This organisation is primarily directed towards young people and focuses on many different perspectives of the topic we are most qualified to engage with: energy. Our employees are provided with support in their volunteering commitment through the RWE Companius programme, which forms a bridge between the company and the community.

Community Engagement

We want to make a positive contribution to the regions and the local communities where we operate. We have many different ways of engaging to achieve this.

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Market and Customers

RWE sells electricity and gas in several different countries. The trust and satisfaction of our customers in us and our products are a top priority as far as we are concerned.

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We accept the challenges of the energy transition and we want to be part of the solution. RWE continues to remain a reliable employer through all the changes.

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Supply Chain

Our stakeholders demand transparency for procurement and global compliance with environmental standards, employee and human rights, and measures to combat corruption in our suppliers.

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Occupational Safety and Healthcare Management

We want our own workforce and employees of our subcontractors to return home just as healthy at the end of the day as when they came to work.

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Certainty of Supply

We want to offer our customers a secure and affordable supply of electricity and gas at all times. Our capital expenditure is directed towards this objective on an ongoing basis.

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Climate friendly, efficient and intelligent – this is how energy supply should be in the future. We are working to achieve this in some 200 projects.

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