Archive 2006


Roadshow Presentations

16.11.2006Sustaining Profitable Growth in European Utility Markets, presentation by Harry RoelsCharts
13.09.2006Energy and Environmental Policy: Overview of Current Topics / Presentation by Volker HeckCharts
05.09.2006RWE - A Sustainable Investment / Presentation by Dr. Henning RentzCharts
23.08.2006Nuclear Power Plant Biblis - Dr. Hartmut Lauer, Power Plant Manager, RWE Power AG, Investor Meeting in BiblisCharts
27.06.20062006 Emissions Trading - An Update on National Allocation Plans, Investor Meetings, London, Dr. Henning Rentz, Vice President Energy Policy of RWE Power AGCharts
27.06.2006Emissions Trading Works - Flaws in the existing Framework must and can be sorted out, Investor Meetings, London, Dr. Peter Kreuzberg, Managing Director of RWE Trading GmbHCharts
01.06.2006Deutsche Bank - 9th German Corporate Conference, Frankfurt, Commodity Trends Keep Driving Performance - Dr. Klaus Sturany, CFO of RWE AGCharts
27.04.2006RWE: Mehr Fokus auf Energie - Dr. Stephan Lowis, Senior Manager Investor Relations RWE AG, Sparkasse Offenburg/Ortenau Investor Meeting (only available in German)Charts
25.04.2006"Our Oil is called Lignite" - Stefan Judisch, Managing Director RWE Trading GmbH, Investor Meetings in LondonCharts
10.04.2006German Energy Policy – Current Status Volker Heck, Vice President Group Public/Environmental Affairs and Group Representative Offices of RWE AG, DrKW Investor Meeting in LondonCharts
DrKW German Investment Seminar New York, Power Generation – Will Drivers Remain Favourable?, Antonius Voß, CFO of RWE Power AGCharts