A strong partner for your business energy needs

Our way of doing business is characterised by integrity and compliance with the law. We expect the same of our partners. In particular, we are committed to the following principles:
1. Human rights
We respect and support the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the United Nations and we use our influence to prevent infringements of human rights from happening.
2. Labour standards
We respect and support the core labour standards set out by the International Labour Organisation (ILO). We embrace diversity and equal treatment regardless of gender, marital status, ethnic origin, nationality, age, religion, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability. We uphold the right to freedom of association and recognise the right to collective bargaining. We aspire towards the highest level of health and safety across all workplaces and facilities.
3. Environment
We believe in handling natural resources responsibly and encourage the use of environmentally-friendly technologies.
4. Free competition and capital market regulations
We champion free competition and transparent markets, and combat unfair competition and restrictions on competition. With respect to company information, we comply with national and international regulations governing the capital markets.
5. Data protection
We make sure that personal data is handled very carefully.
6. Protection of business secrets and intellectual property
We advocate the protection of business secrets and third-party intellectual property.
7. Taxes, subsidies and public contracts
We follow statutory requirements and procedures relating to the collection of taxes, the granting of subsidies and the awarding of public contracts.
8. Anti-corruption and conflicts of interest
No corruption is tolerated and we take all necessary and appropriate measures to prevent corruption. Conflicts between employees’ private interests and the interests of the company are to be avoided. We make sure that no undue influence is exerted on policy-makers.
9. Foreign trade law
We comply with national and international sanctions and embargoes in force, as well as other restrictions on foreign trade laid down in law.
10. Money laundering
We take all measures that are necessary and appropriate to prevent the proceeds of crime being laundered.