About us

Rheinbraun Benelux is the Belgian sales office of Rheinbraun Brennstoff GmbH.

It is wholly owned by the German energy utility RWE AG and is regionally in the area of Belgium – Netherlands – Luxembourg and Great Britain the contact for all customers and their needs for upgraded products from Rhenish lignite as well as various hard-coal grades.

Rheinbraun Benelux, as tradition-rich company that has emerged from Comptoir des Briquettes de Lignite (CBL), Brussels, is a lean sales unit today. It addresses both industrial customers with high requirements in the way of coal products, and trading partners who supply consumers with heating and grill fuels.

Based in Wondelgem, near Ghent, Rheinbraun Benelux and its products reach all regional customers in the fastest time, and ensure flexible and customer-centric deliveries.