Heizprofi – Give it a go. First wood, then briquettes!

Anyone keen to make optimal use of their modern fireplace should combine wood and lignite briquettes as fuel. First, wood will quickly heat the room; then, lignite briquettes will ensure a lasting, even warmth. 

For this reason, more and more owners of tiled stoves, open-fire stoves and closed fireplaces are following the motto: first wood, then briquettes!


Grillprofi – Good barbecuing guaranteed

The first rays of warm sunshine entice any BBQ fan outdoors and make quite a few hearts leap for joy.

The cold season is over and the barbecue season is opened. Whether meat, fish, poultry or vegetables – a well-versed barbecue pro can turn anything into a culinary delight.

Anyone wishing to grill with enjoyment will keep an eye not only on the right quality of the food, but also on the quality of the charcoal. To fulfil to consumers' exacting requirements, we offer branded products in an unvarying high quality.