The material transport system in an open pit mine significantly affects the capital and operating costs. All truck haulage is the most common, reliable and flexible transport system, however this system is very expensive. Its cost is increasing further due to the inflation of labour and fuel expenditures among others. This is why the ‘in-pit crushing and conveying’ system has become a perfect alternative transport system. While it does require a higher initial investment, it gives substantial savings in operating costs in the long term.

IPCC is the use of fully mobile, semi-mobile or fixed in pit crushers coupled with conveyors and spreaders (for waste) or stackers (for ore) to remove material from an open-pit mine. It can achieve full or partial replacement of trucks for material transport within and out of a mine.

IPCC is today’s answer

  • The supply of large truck tires remains difficult.
  • Soaring oil prices drive shift to less expensive electric power.
  • Higher mineral prices support and justify the development of larger, deeper pits with higher waste and/or material movements.
  • Mine production per man hour can increase dramatically.
  • There is an opportunity to improve safety with fewer moving vehicles.

IPCC is right for you if:

  • You have a long mine life (>10 yrs.) or have haul roads or long distances
  • Manpower issues prevail
  • Reducing carbon dioxide and dust emissions is important
  • Large and steady tonnages of material are being moved

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