Gundremmingen nuclear-power station

In 1976, construction started on the two 1,344-MW units at Gundremmingen near Günzburg. Following an eight-year construction period, the two units went on stream in 1984. Since then, they have been generating some 21 billion kWh of electricity annually.

High CO2 savings

This is roughly equivalent to one-third of Bavaria's entire annual power consumption. At the same time – compared with power generation from fossil fuels – the power plant avoids emissions of some 21 million tons of CO2.

Interim storage facility since 2006

In mid-2006, the on-site interim storage facility was completed at the power plant after two years of construction. This is where the fuel elements from the power station are kept in interim storage in Castor containers, as required by the Nuclear Energy Act, before being transferred to a final storage facility still to be determined by Germany's federal government. 

Many jobs

The Gundremmingen nuclear-power station has a headcount of some 750, with a further 250 experts from firms continuously represented on site. To this must be added another 1,000 jobs among supplier companies and service providers. The order volume going to firms in the region amounts to approx. € 25 million. Moreover, the location offers interesting training places for young people.


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