Roger Miesen

Chief Executive Officer (CEO, COO)


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1982 - 1988

Technical university Delft, Aerospace Engineering

1989 - 1991

Sr. Process Engineer, Sr. Process Engineer, NPP Borssele, EPZ NV

1992 - 1995

Group Leader Process Engineering, EPZ NV

1995 - 1997Operations Manager NPP Borsele, EPZ NV

1998 - 1999

Generation Manager NPP Borssele, EPZ NV

2000 - 2005

Plant Manager NPP Borssele and COO EPZ NV

2005 - 2008

Manager Engineering, Asset Management and Outage Management Essent NV

2009 - 2011

Director BU Production Essent NV/RWE

2011 - 2012

Vice President Hard Coal and Gas Fired Power Plants RWE Power AG

Since January 2013 Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of RWE Generation SE
Hard Coal, Gas, Biomass, Nuclear Power (since August 2016)
Board member of RWE Power AG, Nuclear Power (since August 2016)
Responsible Board member for RWE Technology GmbH (since January 2015)
Country Chair Netherlands, RWE (since January 2015)
Since January 2018:Chief Executive Officer (CEO, COO)