RWE – advancing electricity generation
for today and tomorrow

Electricity is the everyday energy available to us at any time and in almost any place. Over 15,000 people working under the umbrella of RWE Generation SE do their utmost to keep it that way. Their workplaces include power stations and mines, refineries and maintenance works, power plant construction sites and research facilities, administration offices and training centres. Within the RWE Group, their globally active company is the Western European centre of excellence for power generation with its headquarters in Essen.

With a total power-generating capacity of 44,000 megawatts, RWE Generation makes a huge contribution to the broad energy mix of RWE, which includes lignite, hard coal, nuclear power, gas and renewables like biomass, hydropower and wind power.

We all want electricity to be produced more and more efficiently, with less and less impact on the environment. This is why RWE Generation is driving the essential transformation of the energy industry – investing billions in new-build power plants and research centres to find innovative solutions for even greater efficiencies, environmental safeguards and ways to reduce carbon emissions. The engineers and technicians of RWE Generation work in partnership with industrial and scientific experts to achieve these goals.

Our company feels equally committed to the people who live in the regions where we work. We pride ourselves on being good neighbours and maintaining constant dialogue with all community groups. RWE Generation takes its responsibility towards the regions seriously – awarding as many contracts as possible to local service providers and suppliers, and also providing on-the-job training for thousands of young people.

Special energy mix

Our Energy Mix Special provides an introduction to the various types of power station and the way they operate.

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