Lignite-fired power plants

Electricity from lignite gets along without subsidies, is produced close to the consumer and stems from
a domestic raw-material source that will be available on competitive conditions and in large amounts for many decades. Altogether, the lignite reserves in Germany classified as economically mineable are greater than the entire oil and gas deposits of Europe.
Recently we brought our highly modern lignite-fired power plant BoA 2&3 into commercial operation. With an efficiency rating of 43% it is the best-in-class worldwide.

Find our lignite-fired power plants below:


Frimmersdorf power plant

Construction of the Frimmersdorf power plant started in 1953 in Grevenbroich. Between 1955 and 1970, two 100-, twelve 150- and two 300-MW power-plant units were completed at short intervals.


Garzweiler opencast mine

The lignite is deposited in three seams which, together, are 40m thick on average. The coal is some 40 to max 210m below the Earth's surface. It is used entirely to generate electricity in the nearby plants.


Hambach opencast mine

In the Hambach pit the world's biggest excavators are at work: they are 220m long, 96m high and weigh 13,500 tons.


Inden opencast mine

With its annual output of some 22 million tons of lignite, the Inden opencast mine ensures the supply of the Weisweiler power plant.


Neurath power plant

With more than 2,200 MW, seven units cover more than ten percent of the installed capacity of RWE Power AG's own power plants.


Neurath power plant, BoA 2&3

RWE has built the world's most modern lignite-fired power plant. The project is a milestone on the road to precautionary climate protection. Visit one of Europe's largest building sites online.


Niederaussem power plant

The Niederaussem power plant has been extended by a BoA unit with a gross output of 1,000 MW. "BoA" is a German abbreviation for lignite-fired power station with optimized plant engineering.


Weisweiler power plant

The Weisweiler power-plant location in the Rhenish lignite-mining area near the town of Eschweiler looks back on a long tradition.


Ville/Berrenrath - Knapsacker Hügel

The plants on the Knapsacker Hügel comprise the Berrenrath and Goldenberg operations as well as the Berrenrath factory.


Fortuna-Nord factory

The Fortuna-Nord factory in Niederaussem near Bergheim (North Rhine-Westphalia) is one of RWE Power AG‘s three coal refining operations.


Frechen factory

The Frechen factory (North Rhine-Westphalia) focusses its production on briquettes and pulverised lignite.