Markinch CHP Biomass Plant

In March 2015 Fergus Ewing MSP, Minister for Business, Energy and Tourism, officially opened RWE’s Markinch CHP Biomass Plant in Fife, Scotland.


Gas-Fired Power Plants & District Heating

Didcot B

Our site at Didcot is host to two power stations. Our Didcot B power station is a 1,360 MW combined cycle gas turbine B station, able to supply 1 million households.


Great Yarmouth Power Station

The modern Great Yarmouth plant, powered by natural gas, is a combined cycle gas turbines (CCGT). It has the capacity to generate 400MW of electricity, enough to power a third of a million households.


Little Barford Power Station

Little Barford is a combined cycle gas turbine power station with a generating capacity of 700MW, enough to meet the electricity demands of over half a million households.


Pembroke Power Station

Pembroke Power Station is a combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) plant which began full commercial operation in September 2012.


Staythorpe Power Station

Staythorpe is a gas-fired power station that began full commercial operation in November 2010. Staythorpe can generate 1,650MW of electricity – enough to power around 2.8 million homes.


Hard Coal-Fired Power Plants

Aberthaw Power Station

Aberthaw is a coal-fired power station, located in Wales, United Kingdom. With a capacity of 1550MW, Aberthaw can produce enough power to meet the needs of 1.5 million households.


Proposed Gas Plants / Technology

Tilbury Energy Centre

In 2011, our Tilbury B power station was converted from a coal-fired power station to run on 100% biomass fuel, using sustainably-sourced renewable wood pellets.


Closed power stations

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