Dortmund CHP plant

The power plant first generated electricity in 1897 with a maximum capacity of two megawatts. A thorough renewal of the location in the years 1935 to 1938 brought an expansion to 55 MW electric output. The year 1950 saw the first district-heating customer being supplied with heating steam, and that was also the start of electricity generation according to the cogeneration principle, as is still practised today at the location. In the years 1974/75, new boiler installations were built on the power-plant terrain on the basis of environmentally friendly natural gas. The old plants then went off stream, step by step, and were torn down in 2010/2011. A new topping gas turbine (OCGT) has been in operation at the site since 2014. It is supporting the expansion of combined heat & power (CHP) generation and thus a key goal of the energy turnaround. The plant is a joint venture project of RWE Generation and Dortmunder Energie- und Wasserversorgung GmbH. Both companies have invested seven million euros each for that. The potential for power generation in cogeneration has been significantly increased with the OCGT. Up to 45,000 households can now be supplied with electricity; up to now it had been 10,000. Apart from that, the new turbine is producing a CO2 saving of up to 36,000 tonnes a year when compared with older plants without CHP.

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Securing the district heating supply

Today the site, following a series of renewals with four gas-fired boilers and a total heating capacity of 300 megawatts, is securing the district-heating supply to Dortmund and feeding around 300 million kilowatt-hours per year into the district-heating grid. In addition, it produces up to 160 million kWh of electricity. A turbine was added to the plant in 2003/2004 and the complete control technology was renewed. The new topping gas turbine went into operation in 2014, which further improved the plant’s efficiency and environmental friendliness. The Dortmund and Bochum CHP plants are operated and monitored from the central control room in Dortmund.



TypeCombined heat and power plant
Operating rangeHeat-driven
FuelNatural gas
Unit output (net)MWel26,5
Approved district-heating outputMWth234
Flue gas cleaningThrough measures on the primary side, the flue gas emissions remain below the legal limits


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