Amer Power Plant

The Amer Power Plant in Geertruidenberg, the Netherlands, is one of RWE's larger generation facilities.

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On the 1st of January 2016, unit 8 of the Amer Power Plant was taken out of operation. Since that time, electricity and heat have been generated at the Amer Power Plant using only unit 9 (in use since 1993). Unit 9 has sufficient capacity to generate energy for more than one million households. The heat produced by unit 9 is used in the Plukmade polder (borough of Drimmelen) to heat greenhouses and for district heating in neighbourhoods in Breda and Tilburg.

The fuels

Various fuels can be used at the Amer Power Plant. The main fuel used is coal. Coal is transported by inland vessels. Prior to combustion in the boiler, the coal is pulverised into coal dust.

The second main fuel type is biomass, in the form of wood pellets (compacted pieces of sawdust). To enable processing of the wood pellets, the Amer Power Plant has a special biomass unloading quay, with facilities for storing biomass in different silos.

In the wood gasification installation, using pioneering technology, construction timber and waste timber is gasified into wood gas. The installation at this level is unique in Europe. The gas that is generated is purified and then co-fired in the incinerator of unit 9. Each year the current installation can convert 100,000 tonnes of construction timber or waste timber into wood gas.
Biomass (pellets) and wood gas are more expensive fuels than coal. It is therefore important that subsidies are obtained. Tests have shown that a significant proportion of the coal can be replaced by biomass, obtained from sustainably managed forests. Agreements have been made about that in the Energy Agreement. Our ambition is to co-fire more sustainable biomass.

In brief

  • A generating capacity of 600 megawatts of electricity
  • Enough power for more than a million households
  • Heat production of 350 megawatts
  • Combination of fossil and sustainable fuels
  • Ambition: to significantly increase the percentage of biomass.
  • Biomass is obtained from sustainably managed forests

Comprehensive approach to energy transition needed 09.04.2016

Highly flexible and efficient coal plant Amer 9 is planned to co-fire biomass and would therefore reduce CO2-emission significantly



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