Eemshaven Power Plant

In 2015, in Eemshaven, Groningen RWE put a new ultramodern power plant into operation, with a capacity of 1,560 megawatts. This new power plant, comprising of units A and B, will play an important role in the energy supply for the Netherlands in future years, because the provision of energy has to remain reliable and affordable. For that reason, ten years ago the Dutch government designated the Maasvlakte and the area around the Eemshaven plant as sites for new power plants. Partly because of the presence of a port for importing fuel and the availability of sufficient cooling water,  RWE accepted the invitation from the Dutch government and has built an ultramodern coal-fired power plant in Eemshaven. The plant has been operational since the summer of 2015 and, since then, has been part of RWE Generation's production facilities in the Netherlands.

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The efficiency

The power plant was built using the latest technologies and knowledge. Partly as a result of that, the efficiency is 46 percent,which is much higher than the average efficiency of 36 percent achieved by ‘older’ coal-fired power plants in the Netherlands. A higher level of efficiency means that less fuel is required (therefore resulting in lower emissions) in order to generate the same amount of energy. Besides being efficient the power plant is also the cleanest of its kind and that is because of the use of modern purification technologies.

The installation

The power plant comprises two so-called “Ultra Super Critical” boilers. These not only ensure a high level of efficiency and a low level of harmful emissions but they are also specially designed to be started up and shut down quickly. This is highly beneficial when used in conjunction with wind energy, for example. In high winds, when a considerable amount of energy is generated using wind turbines, the power plant can be shut down quickly. And conversely, the power plant can provide a reliable supply of affordable electricity if there is no wind or sun. With this flexibility, the new power plant fits in perfectly as a modern generating facility.

In brief

  • A generating capacity of 1,560 megawatts
  • Enough electricity for 3.5 million households
  • Combination of coal and the option of biomass co-firing
  • Highly efficient combustion process
  • Lower CO2 emissions on account of the high efficiency
  • Respect for the environment in the form of ecological compensation and social contributions


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