Staythorpe Power Station

Staythorpe is a gas-fired power station that began full commercial operation in November 2010. Staythorpe, located in Nottinghamshire, can generate 1,650MW of electricity, which is enough to power around 2.8 million homes.

Staythorpe has been designed using state of the art equipment and will reduce average annual CO2 emissions by up to 7.5 million tonnes compared to an existing coal-fired power station producing the same amount of electricity.

Our site at Staythorpe previously housed two coal-fired power stations. Construction of the new gas-fired power station began in 1998, but was put on hold two years later as there was already sufficient generating capacity in the UK at that time. In 2007, work once again began on the station.

The plant is also one of the most flexible plants in the UK with the ability to support balancing the energy network with National Grid. We have a long-term commitment to Staythorpe and the surrounding area.

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