Combined Heat and Power plant (CHP)

CHP is the simultaneous generation of heat and electrical energy from a single source. CHP technology utilises the waste heat from electricity generation to provide useful heat for process or space heating. CHP can therefore deliver savings in fuel consumption, fuel costs and carbon emissions, in addition to avoiding transmission losses otherwise incurred by importing electricity.

CHP benefits include:

  • Overall efficiencies of more than 80%
  • Radical reduction in carbon emissions
  • Cost savings of between 15% and 40%
  • Increased independence and security of on-site generation
  • Flexibility of fuel type

Why work with npower cogen?

Due to its 15 years of CHP development and operational experience, npower cogen has wide access to the resources and engineering skills of npower. Furthermore, it makes flexible packages that are open to individual negotiation available to you with no capital expenditure (100% fully funded by cogen).


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