Project Management

We carry out all aspects of power station project management from initial early feasibility studies and concept development to full development of a project for final investment decision. The way in which a new power generation asset is developed sets the pattern for its technical and commercial destiny.

From the preparation of feasibility and bankable studies, to the development of bid specifications, we can provide evaluation concepts and basic engineering services for new built power plants based on fossil fuels; hard coal, lignite, gas and also nuclear, hydro, biomass and wind.

One of our recent new build projects we have carried out is the new lignite-fired power plant units with optimized plant technology (BoA) at Neurath in Germany.
In order to execute a profound and well structured technical opportunity and project development a specific project management is needed in this phase which is offered here.
Within the development phases certain decision milestones have to be passed and managed. The products below are packages to document development results and by that support and structure decision milestones.

Their detailed scope depends on the project aim and maturity and therefore has to be agreed in the specific work order.

Our services include:

Project management for the development phase of projects:

  • Opportunity development:

    • Opportunity assessment report
    • Site survey report
    • Pre-feasibility study

Project development:

  • Basis of design
  • Feasibility study
  • Project execution plan
  • Technical due diligence report