Commercial management

A large part of the work of delivery of projects is normally executed by external parties such as suppliers and contractors. The process of allocating work to third parties and ensuring satisfactory completion is a commercial management process. Among other services, we formulate a suitable commercial strategy for your project by determining how work should be allocated to suppliers to achieve optimisation of risk allocation and competitiveness among commercial offers.

RWE Technology International can provide the following services in this area:

  • Defining commercial terms such that incentives of suppliers and contractors match the requirements of the project
  • Minimising the risks and impacts of claims, technical changes and contract deviations.  After this, finalise contract amendments.
  • Ensuring effective coordination of suppliers and contractors and accurate/timely transmission of interface information so that suppliers can perform
  • Ensuring the integrity and enforceability of contracts is maintained
  • Leading negotiations on claims and variations and final account settlement