Technical economic analysis and cost estimating

Haulier transporting ash from Didcot A Power Station

Under our service portfolio “technical economic analysis & cost estimating” all kind of services are covered which enable the project owner to get a complete cost calculation for power generation projects. The service also includes evaluation of prices, projects and technical-economic aspects such as project cost estimation and budget calculation with OPEX and CAPEX. For strategic issues we provide financial-technical key data and studies for power generation techniques.

Our cost estimation services consist of:

  • Prepare project risk analysis & contingency calculation
  • Probability analysis through Monte-Carlo Simulation
  • Price forecast (mid & long-term) total plant & components
  • Provide fair value total plant & components
  • Prepare reverse calculation of claims
  • Conduct technical-economic optimisation & sensitivity analysis
  • Conduct technical-economic studies e.g. CAPEX reports for power generation techniques.